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Family Engagement

Youth and parents can access informational brochures on a variety of topics.
Trouble Ahead - Could My Child Be Headed for TroublePDF487.46 KB Download
The Future - Help Your Child Make Career DecisionsPDF457.77 KB Download
Teens are Teens - Your Teen is Not an AdultPDF565.57 KB Download
Should You Snoop - How to Spot Drug or Alcohol UsePDF267.95 KB Download
Say What - Definitions and Similar MeaningsPDF364.00 KB Download
Rules Rule - Setting Rules for Your ChildPDF480.21 KB Download
Real Conversations - Talking and Active Listening with Your TeenPDF618.55 KB Download
Our Promise to FamiliesPDF515.63 KB Download
Now What - My Child is Suspected of Breaking the LawPDF471.02 KB Download
Normal or Not - Understanding Your Developing ChildPDF367.91 KB Download
Join the Club - Parent Support GroupsPDF253.99 KB Download
Healthy Friendships - Good Friends are Good NewsPDF594.88 KB Download
Four Traits - Common Characteristics and Behaviors of Delinquent YouthPDF512.80 KB Download
Drug ChartPDF602.16 KB Download
Drug Awareness - Tips for Your Middle School or Junior High School Child to keep drug freePDF355.78 KB Download
Do as I Say Not as I Did - How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs if You Did DrugsPDF458.50 KB Download
DJJ OverviewPDF561.28 KB Download
Detention ServicesPDF299.21 KB Download
Court Talk - What is Juvenile CourtPDF523.31 KB Download
CommitmentsPDF183.40 KB Download
Children Learn What They Live PosterPDF255.11 KB Download
Be Positive - Help Your Child Develop a Positive IdentityPDF522.64 KB Download
Be Involved - General Tips for Families Whose Child is Involved with DJJPDF308.26 KB Download
Arraignment Hearing (Plea)PDF297.88 KB Download