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SkillPro learning management system

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Technical Requirements:  The most recent version of Flash Player, Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) and a high-speed internet connection (DSL or satellite)

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Updated September 20, 2017


 Students are able to easily:

  • Access online content, including mandatory and
    in-service courses.
  • Find information on training compliance, certification and instructor requirements.
  • Register themselves for instructor-led training classes.

 Training coordinators are able to easily:

  • Obtain data reports on courses.
  • Find information on instructor requirements.
  • Manage and track all instructor-led training online.
  • Enter individuals’ training remediation information to update their progress.
  • Input staff in-service training credits by submitting local, on-site training information to the system.
  • Store materials from local training sessions for all training coordinators to share. This will allow quality courses developed by training coordinators to keep pace with best practices and field experiences.

 SkillPro Learning Tools

  • Videos
  • e-Books
  • Media-rich e-courses
  • Software simulations

 SkillPro Advantages

  • High value learning tool for state and provider staff.
  • Dynamic, engaging content designed for diverse learning styles.
  • Access to mandatory and in-service classes.
  • Improved report functions for training data.
  • A section for content and resources developed by training coordinators.
  • A professional instructional design team that continually develops and updates content.
  • A searchable library of online courses categorized by topic, mandatory training, and professional development interest area.
  • Data storage and archiving for current and previous users.
  • Self-service features for creating new users and retrieving user IDs and passwords.


SkillPro is an important step toward fulfilling the SD&T mission to cultivate the skills and knowledge of the juvenile justice workforce in both state-run and contracted facilities. By offering professional training and development, SkillPro supports a culture of continual improvement in the care and services we provide to troubled youth.

SkillPro is a state-of-the-art online experience designed to suit various learning styles. It will have a user-friendly format with engaging, media-rich content. It will offer completely new functions for popular content, instructor and certification requirements, data reports on training compliance, personal training history and much more--so you can get exactly the information you need when you need it. 


Please submit questions and comments to SkillPro.Team@djj.state.fl.us or call SD&T at (850) 488-8825.