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YEM/PAR Certification

Information on the Youth Engagement Model / Protective Action Response Certification.

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice embarked on a mission to revise the Protective Action Response (PAR) training curriculum. The scope of the revision project is to transition the existing PAR intervention model to the Right Interactions: Youth Engagement Model. The Office of Staff Development and Training (SD&T) in collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders have been charged with the revision project. Right Interactions (PAR) will focus more on trauma responsiveness, verbal, and non-physical safety intervention techniques to prevent crisis episodes, while using physical intervention as a last resort. The Right Interactions (PAR) curriculum will offer tools and training in verbal techniques, scenario-based learning for both verbal and physical engagement with youth, and training in physical intervention techniques.

RI: PAR Unit Functions

  • Conducting training
  • Provide on-site support
  • Provide technical assistance to regional program area
  • Complete PAR Fidelity reviews
  • Review reporting and trends analysis
  • SD&T members are stationed out of Escambia, Leon, Hillsborough and Palm Beach counties