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Officer Certification

Information on the certification programs for Juvenile Probation Officers and Juvenile Detention Officers.
Administrative Rule 63H-2.001-.008 establishes a statewide framework for the Department of Juvenile Justice to implement procedures governing the certification, pre-service, and in-service training of direct care staff. The rule requires that individuals working directly with the youth fulfill a minimum standard level of competency that authorizes the individual to practice in the profession.

To ensure a minimum standardized level of competency, the Office of Staff Development and Training conducts training academies that allow officer candidates acquire a professional certification recognized throughout the state of Florida. The academies provide classroom instruction covering areas such as basic orientation, legal issues, ethics and professionalism, emergency procedures, supervision of juveniles, report writing, and more to give candidates the knowledge, skills, and abilities to ensure the safety and security of the youth the agency serves.

  • Juvenile Probation Officer Certification:

    A juvenile probation officer (JPO) works with youth from the time they are cited or charged with an offense to the time they leave the juvenile justice system. JPOs work closely with law enforcement, social services, schools, and parents to help juveniles get back on track to become successful. To obtain the certification, candidates must complete two phases of training and successful pass several certification exams. For more information on becoming a JPO check out the JPO Job Description.

  • Juvenile Detention Officer Certification:

    A juvenile detention officer (JDO) ensures the safety and security of youth in detention facilities across the state of Florida. As a highly responsible position, JDOs often serve as positive role models that supervise youth in their care. To obtain the certification, candidates must complete two phases of training. Phase one consists of 120 hours of computer-based and instructor led training. It is followed by a phase two academy consisting 120 hours of instructor-led training and a certification exam. For more information on becoming a JDO check out the JDO Job Description.