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pre-employment screening tool utilized for Juvenile Probation and Juvenile Detention Officers.
As part of ongoing efforts to improve DJJ services to youth, direct-care detention and probation applicants are evaluated using a pre-employment screening tool called the Ergometrics IMPACT Assessment. This tool has been used widely by other state and local agencies around the country to evaluate and screen public safety applicants for suitability in working with youth involved with the juvenile justice system.

IMPACT is the only specifically designed, research-based, video test for the skills and attitude needed to work with juvenile offenders. This well-respected assessment tool allows managers to make hiring decisions that positively impact the environment of their facilities. IMPACT measures overall suitability for working with juvenile offenders in all job functions and provides dimensional scores that show what kind of coaching and supervision candidates will need, if hired. IMPACT is validated for use in hiring:
      • Facility Officers
      • Counselors
      • Teachers
      • Medical Staff
      • Kitchen Staff
      • Probation Officers
      • Any other job involving close contact with juvenile offenders