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SD&T Teams

Learn more about SkillPro, Ergometrics, and our Curriculum & Evaluation Team.
The Office of Staff Development and Training takes great pride in serving our customers.  By managing the Ergometrics pre-employment screening tool, by providing the state of the art on-line learning management system SkillPro and through the development and implementation of relevant and meaningful curriculum, SD&T is committed to  ensuring our customers have the knowledge to perform their duties effectively, efficiently and with confidence.  The following links will provide you with additional information regarding how SD&T supports our customers.
SkillProInformation and training on DJJ's learning management system.Read More
ErgometricsLearn more about the
pre-employment screening tool utilized for Juvenile Probation and Juvenile Detention Officers.
Read More
Systems ImprovementInformation on professional development initiatives.Read More
Officer CertificationInformation on the certification programs for Juvenile Probation Officers and Juvenile Detention Officers.Read More
YEM/PAR CertificationInformation on the Youth Engagement Model / Protective Action Response Certification.Read More