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What's New at SD&T!

Find out what's new at SD&T and the latest information on professional development opportunities.

Staff Development & Training excels in Customer Service! For July, we wanted to entertain some FAQ’s.

Q: Is SD&T only known for JDO/JPO Academies?
A: No. SD&T offers a plethora of services through specialty training, eLearing, job aids, curriculum development, professional development, lunch-n-learn’s, Right Interaction: PAR and more…

Q: Does SD&T create new classes from scratch?
A: Yes. One of SD&T’s main features is to customize training to suit the customer’s needs. This includes content, materials, learning objectives, gamification lecture, activities and class participation designed with specific members in mind.

Q: What are some new things happening in SD&T?

  • Right Interactions (RI): PAR Phase Pilot II Planning
  • Wellness Moment
  • Virtual training via Microsoft Teams
  • New software tools
    • Budget Tracker
    • Project Management
    • Status reports via SharePoint
  • Rule updates
  • DJJ Training Calendar
  • SD&T Policy and Procedure Template

Recipe for Success – Ingredients

1 teaspoon of ideas
½ cup of goodwill
1 pinch of positivity
¾ cup of imagination
1 lb of leadership
2 spoonfuls of teamwork
1 cup of vision
3 tablespoons of challenge
And 1 bag of hope