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Director's Corner

Director's monthly message highlighting the department's initiatives.

Director's Monthly Message

Staff Development & Training is on the move! April marks an exciting time for our team and the service we provide you. Joining us this month are two new members, in addition to restructuring our current staff, to provide more training opportunities and maximize customer service efforts. We welcome aboard Shelli Payne (Administrative Assistant II) and Karines Musgrove (Professional Development Coordinator) to our team. These ladies will be working to support SD&T on mission critical tasks, help with the L.E.A.D. Institute, assist with intake needs, spearhead the offering of customized Lunch-n-Learns, and much, much more. We would also like to take time to welcome Research & Training Manager, Harry Motely, who oversees the Youth Engagement Model (YEM), formerly known as PAR. Harry is filling positions in support of our YEM staff to include; Florida Public Safety Institute (FPSI), Alachua, Orlando and Palm Beach. In terms of Learning Consultants, James Rogers has stepped into the role as our newest trainer at FPSI, and recently scored the highest grade during his Instructional Techniques course.

Yes, SD&T is on the move, offering new training opportunities. Look for the SkillPro Webinar, this month, to help facilitate questions from Training Coordinators and Administrative Support. Also, on deck is the CPM Systems Improvement Training (CSIT) rollout coming mid-April, along with updates from the YEM and plans for JDO/JPO curricula reviews and revisions Finally, April showcases our new and improved website. Exciting and pertinent information is just a click away as you will soon see.

The goal of SD&T remains the same; “To prepare staff for their careers and cultivate their knowledge and skills by providing training, development, and support to all stakeholders.” With the newness of April and what we have in store, SD&T is meeting your training needs daily and remains…on the move!

Happy Spring! There is so much going on in the month of April. Things are “sprouting” up all over the place. One of the main activities this month is Relay for Life, in honor of the American Cancer Society. Relay began in 1985 when Dr. Gordon “Gordy” Klatt walked and ran for 24 hours around a track in Tacoma, Washington, raising money to help the American Cancer Society with the nation’s biggest health concern; cancer.

Walking and running more than 83.6 miles, Dr. Gordon raised $27,000 through pledges to support this great cause. Today Tallahassee carries on this legacy by sponsoring several “walks” at FAMU, FSU, and northern Leon County. Tallahassee also closed out the month of March with a two-day event after its own namesake - “Springtime Tallahassee”. This annual event included; a Grand Parade, food and entertainment, Jubilee in the Park, and music festival.

So, dust off the winter doldrums and get some pep in your step. Spring has sprung and there is lots in store for DJJ, our community and the folks we serve.