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Other Initiatives

Climate Survey

A Climate Survey was distributed to all Department staff in September 2011. The results from a total of 1832 respondents (approximately 55%) are posted here. Results of both the survey statement rankings and the write-in comments were broken down by program areas and distributed to the assistant secretaries.
All topics were included in a department-wide plan to improve the overall climate of the agency. The major initiatives are represented in the graphic below, with further clarification following.


Climate Survey Communication initiative
Training initiative
Secretary's Forum
Talent Development initiative

Supervisor Training

(Coming Soon)
Small group training session

A three-day, instructor-led course is being developed and will be delivered by the subject matter experts in Personnel, General Services, Finance and Accounting, General Counsel’s Office, and Staff Development and Training. It will expand the training currently offered to include topics such as attendance and leave, recruitment and selection, travel, contracts, purchasing card, EEO, discipline and grievances, leadership, coaching, and giving feedback.

The training will be required of all newly hired or appointed supervisors. Check back for more information or await the announcement of classes by Secretary Walters.


Requested by Detention Services, SD&T is developing short trainings on topics that could be delivered during staff meetings. Current topics include Maintaining a Positive Attitude and Avoiding Procrastination.


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