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Office of Staff Development & Training

The March 2018 Theme National Women's History Month is "Nevertheless, She Persisted: Honoring Women Who Fight All Forms of Discrimination Against Women."

From the voting booth to the office cubicle; the ball field to the battlefield, the road to women’s equality has been a long and difficult one.

Extraordinary successes have been achieved by women themselves as they gathered petitions, staged rallies, protested unfair laws and lobbied for better ones, and fought for justice in the courts. But unfinished business remains, including pay and benefits inequity, the “glass ceiling,” disproportionate numbers in elected offices, and workplace discrimination.

As recently as 2009, President Obama signed into law the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which made the rules governing the process employees must follow to recover discriminatory pay more fair. The women’s movement may be less confrontational than in its early years, but it is no less determined.

Take a moment to view the timeline of the milestones along the road to equality for women.