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Bureau of General Services

Contact Information

Roger Kesling

Chief, Bureau of General Services

(850) 717-2740

Facility Services

  • Manage the design and construction of all Department projects statewide.
  • Responsible for the repair and maintenance of all Department facilities and assist with ongoing maintenance items for all Department-owned buildings.
  • Manage statewide emergency construction work for initial and permanent stages of disaster recovery for all Department-owned structures.
  • Oversee facility conformance to State Fire Marshall regulations and ensure conformance to DEP regulations for all facilities including permitting.

Purchasing and Leasing

  • Responsible for the procurement of all Department commodity and contractual services not related to services providers, including information technology. Monitor all Purchasing Card purchases for compliance.
  • Assist in meeting Department One Florida goals - (Accountability for adherence to plan goals. Participate in all Minority Business Tradeshows statewide.)
  • Manage private sector / public sector leases - (lease negotiations, space planning and build-out, tenant / landlord.) Responsible for land leases (generally through subleases with the Board of Trustees of the internal Improvement Trust Fund, State of Florida), land management, and working with other entities regarding regulatory and zoning issues.

Support Services

  • Responsible for property management, inventory control and surplus management.
  • Manage all vehicle matters to include inventory, acquisition, surplus and the fuel card program.
  • Responsible for all insurance matters for the Department to include acquiring coverage and managing property and vehicle claims.
  • Responsible for the records management program for the Department to include retention schedules, training and assisting with public records request.
  • Provide telecommunications support to the Department to include technical assistant and project management Statewide.
  • Provide mailroom/courier support and identification badges for the Department.
  • Responsible for Headquarters building security and maintenance issues.