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Bureau of Finance & Accounting

Contact Information

Sandra Sidwell

Chief, Bureau of Finance & Accounting

(850) 717-2351


The Bureau of Finance and Accounting supports the Department of Juvenile Justice by processing financial information according to the guidelines of the state and federal government. Finance and Accounting is responsible for recording and reporting all financial transactions on an accurate and timely basis and for preparing financial statements in accordance with General Accepted Accounting Principles for inclusion in the State of Florida Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The Bureau consists of four units, which are Accounts Payable, Contracts and Grants, Cost of Care Recovery and Reconciliation and Reporting.

Core Functions

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Unit is primarily responsible for administering the Department’s Purchasing Card Program and for auditing and processing payments of invoices and employee and client travel.

Contracts and Grants

The Contracts and Grants Unit is primarily responsible for managing the Department’s Welfare Trust and Revolving Funds and for auditing and processing payments of written contracts, grants and leases.

Reconciliation and Reporting

The Reconciliation and Reporting Unit is primarily responsible for the preparation and compilation of the Department’s financial statement work papers and for reconciling the Department’s financial records to state accounts and local bank accounts. The Unit processes corrections, transfers of funds between internal accounts, and maintains the integrity of the Department’s Trial Balance Reports.

Cost of Care Recovery

The Cost of Care Recovery Unit is primarily responsible for billing clients and counties for cost of care fees, auditing cost of care accounts, resolving cost of care account inquiries, and for collecting and depositing cash receipts. Find out more or make a payment.