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Office of Administrative Services

The Office of Administrative Services is responsible for providing a wide array of services to department staff and agencies doing business with the Department of Juvenile Justice. These services or functions include: financial (payment of services received and deposit of revenues received); general services (which includes facility services charged with oversight of construction and repair of facilities, purchasing and leasing, property management, telecommunications and other support services); computer information systems; and personnel. 

Office of Administrative Services Units

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Florida Statute 20.316(2)(e) establishes the Office of Administrative Services with the Secretary given the authority to establish the director position. Florida Statute 20.316(1)(c) requires that the Secretary shall provide for program research, development and planning; staffing and workload standards; coordination of staff development and training; development of budget and resource allocation methodologies and strategies; and establishment of program policies and rules. In addition, Florida Statute 20.316(4) establishes the development, in consultation with the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information Systems Council under s. 943.08, of a juvenile justice information system that shall provide information concerning the department's activities and programs.

Bureaus under the supervision of the Director of Administrative Services are responsible for carrying out the above activities, with the Director having signatory responsibility over work products of those bureaus.