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Policy Development Unit

Forms Library

The Department of Juvenile Justice maintains an internal information system for most of their forms and document management. However, they have a comprehensive set of forms outside of that system that are available on the website. The forms library is available alphabetically, by subject, or by originating office. 

Department Policies

Policies and procedures provide instructions for all the functions within DJJ. They are viewable both by policy number or by program office. All policies and procedures are displayed as PDFs alongside links to all of the related forms. Click here to view the entire listing.

Administrative Rule

The DJJ administrative rules are part of the Florida Administrative Code, and they the requirements and operating guidelines for the services that the Department provides. Click here to view the rules specifically related to DJJ.


The Office of Program Accountability coordinates the development, review, and approval of the Department's manuals. These manuals are revised regularly in order to provide up-to-date instructions on various subjects. All staff will be notified when a manual is under review. Review approved manuals and manuals under review.

Interagency Agreements & Memoranda of Understanding

Interagency agreements and memoranda of understanding (MOUs) explain the interactions between DJJ and other governmental entities. Each agreement and MOU is assigned a level to indicate who has stewardship over it. A list of all the levels can be found on the interagency agreements webpage.