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Office of Accountability and Program Support


The Office of Accountability and Program Support (OAPS) emphasizes the Department's commitment to ensuring programs operated or contracted by the Department effectively provide for the safety, well being, and treatment of youth under the state's care. The OAPS reports directly to the Chief of Staff of the Department, thereby being independent and autonomous of senior managers who have direct responsibility for program operations and contract monitoring.

Bureau of Procurement and Contract Administration

Responsible for DJJ contracting activities, approximately $320 million per annum.

  • Develops procurement and contract documents upon request from appropriate Assistant Secretary’s office.
  • Facilitates the procurement process.
  • Provides technical assistance to Department staff with the procurement and contract processes and documents. Read more.

Bureau of Contract Management

Bureau of Monitoring and Quality Improvement

The quality assurance system, administered by the Bureau of Monitoring and Quality Improvement, was established by the Florida Legislature in 1994, as part of the Juvenile Justice Reform Act. F.S. 985.632(5) that addresses the requirements of the quality assurance system.

Read more.

Programming and Technical Assistance Unit

Policy Development Unit

The Policy Development Unit, in conjunction with the Policy Development Workgroup, coordinates the development of statewide policies and procedures emanating from all program areas and offices within the Department of Juvenile Justice. The Unit ensures that policies and procedures are written within existing guidelines and according to established formats and that policies and procedures are advertised in the Florida Administrative Weekly as appropriate.

The Unit, in conjunction with the Forms Management Workgroup, is responsible for planning and development of forms (other than JJIS) for Department use in accordance with the Forms Management Policy (FDJJ-1001). The Unit coordinates the implementation of forms, maintains the Department's Forms Library Website, notifies staff and providers of the posting of new or revised forms, and provides technical assistance to staff in the development of forms. Read More.

Risk Management Unit

The Risk Management Unit coordinates safety policies and procedures for all offices, services, and programs operated by the Department of Juvenile Justice. Workplace safety for all employees is of paramount importance and this office is responsible for overseeing the implementation of strategies and initiatives that will protect employees, lower Worker's Compensation claims, and increase productive work time for all staff. Mandatory safety training is provided in conjunction with the Department's Staff Development and Training Office. The Safety Coordinator also ensures that regular and periodic facility and equipment safety inspections of Department facilities occur and provides technical assistance and training as needed. Read more