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Residential Resource Utilization Reports

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice provides three different types of Resource Utilization or Slot Reports. 

The "Slot Utilization by Program" data provides a snapshot of the utilization rates of all residential programs at the time the report was generated.

The "Historical Bed Utilization" report provides a recap of the prior six months worth of residential utilization information.  It includes operational capacity, total number of youth currently in placement and with a place reserved, the number of empty beds, the number of youth waiting to be placed in a residential program, and the utilization rate.

The "Program Utilization Summary" provides an overview of bed utilization according to risk level, including total capacities for each level, the number of youth waiting for placement at that level, and the utilization rates for each level.

To view this data from previous years, visit the Residential Resource Utilization Report Archive.