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Policy Memoranda

Review official communication regarding Probation & Community Intervention policy.

Policy No. Subject Date
PCI-18-001 Juvenile Justice System Improvement Project (JJSIP) Sustainability 04/20/2018
PCI-17-003 Juveniles Detained on Warrants from Another County 03/29/2018
PCI-17-002 Prolific Juvenile Offender (PJO) Supervision Program - Amendment I 03/29/2018
PCI-17-001 Field Training Officer Program for Probation 02/03/2017
PCI-16-004  Electronic Monitoring (EM) 03/09/2017
PCI-16-003 Contact With Youth and Families 01/09/2017
PCI-16-002 Detention Risk Assessment Instrument (DRAI) - Amendment 2 01/15/2016
PCI-16-001 DRAI Training Requirements and Acknowledgement Form -Amendment 1 01/15/2016
PCI-15-004 Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument-2 Implementation 12/17/2015
PCI-15-003 Redirection Eligibility and Referral Process 09/14/2015
PCI-15-002 Home Visits 07/02/2015
PCI-15-001 Screening Packets - Amendment 1 02/25/2016
PCI-14-004 Implementation of F.S. 985.25(b) 07/22/2014
PCI-14-003 Implementation of F.S. 985.435(4) 06/30/2014
PCI-14-002 Probation Handbook 03/27/2014
PCI-14-001 Probation Policy Memorandum Maintenance 03/24/2014
PCI-13-007 Supervision of Home Detention and/or Committed Pending Placement 12/13/2013
PCI-13-005 Detention Review Protocol 07/22/2013
PCI-13-003 Effective Response Implementation - Amendment 1 04/19/2013
PCI-12-001 Low Risk to Reoffend Youth in Residential Commitment 03/16/2012
PCI-11-002 Pre-Conference Supervisor Review Commitment Screening Form 12/12/2011
PCI-10-002 Case Notebook Module - Note Entry 03/24/2010
PCI-10-001 Factors in Recommending Sanctions for Violation of Conditional Release 03/12/2010
PCI-08-018 Minimum-Risk Commitment Staffing Procedure 12/02/2008
PCI-08-017 State Attorney Recommendation Requirement 06/27/2008
PCC-07-002 Cost of Care for Interstate Compact on Juveniles 01/16/2007
PCC-07-001 Out-of-State Supervision Requests (Interstate Compact on Juveniles) 01/11/2007