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State Advisory Group


The JJDP State Advisory Group currently consists of a 15-33 member panel of persons from across the State who have training, experience, or special knowledge of the juvenile justice system.  SAG members are appointed by the Governor and are responsible for the administration and management of federally allocated funds.

Federal Title II, Title V and JABG funds are awarded in the form of grants and contracts, using a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process that is used to solicit applications from local agencies and providers.  The SAG awards the grants to program providers for up to three years.  Each year, the programs are thoroughly evaluated.  The SAG decides whether to award second and third year funding based on these annual evaluations and the availability of funding.  During fiscal year 2010-11 the SAG awarded $3.1 million for new and renewing Title II sub grants. The SAG also awarded $2.5 million in JABG funds for fiscal year 2010-11. 

While the SAG is very proud of the accomplishments made during fiscal year 2010-11, we recognize that there is a lot of work left to do in preventing juvenile delinquency in Florida.  The SAG is excited about the future and looks forward to our continued partnership with the Governor, the legislature and the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice as we work side by side to build the very best juvenile justice system for Florida.


Quarterly Meetings 

Authority & Responsibilities


Annual Reports to the Governor

This report provides an overview of the SAG's role in the expenditure of federal juvenile justice funds and the state of Florida's compliance with the four federal requirements of the JJDP Act of 2018. In addition, this report includes a description of the programs and activities funded to prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency in the state of Florida.  Finally, SAG recommendations are presented that can enhance our efforts to serve the youth of Florida and their families.