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Education Programs


Section 1003.52(5) states:

Prevention and day treatment juvenile justice education programs, at a minimum, shall provide career readiness and exploration opportunities as well as truancy and dropout prevention intervention services. Residential juvenile justice education programs with a contracted minimum length of stay of 9 months shall provide CAPE courses that lead to preapprentice certifications and industry certifications. Programs with contracted lengths of stay of less than 9 months may provide career education courses that lead to preapprentice certifications and CAPE industry certifications.

Definitions of the types of career programming were originally proposed in s. 985.3155, F.S. (revised to s. 985.622, F.S.).These definitions address the types of career programs that should be available in juvenile justice facilities. The three definitions are as follows:

Type 1

Programs that teach personal accountability skills and behaviors that are appropriate for students in all age groups and ability levels and that lead to work habits that help maintain employment and living standards. (FS 985.622). A Type 1 program may offer competencies in communication skills, interpersonal skills, decision-making skills, and lifelong learning skills.

Type 2

Programs that include Type 1 program content and an orientation to the broad scope of career choices, based upon personal abilities, aptitudes, and interests. Exploring and gaining knowledge of occupation options and the level of effort required to achieve them is an essential prerequisite to skill training. (FS 985.622). Type 2 curriculum may include conflict resolution skills, identifying skills and interests, interests and aptitude surveys, personal accomplishments and qualifications, preparation and job seeking and coping with stress.

Type 3

Programs that include Type 1 program content and the competencies or the prerequisites needed for entry into a specific occupation. (FS 985.622). A Type 3 program may include industry-recognized certification, statewide or local articulation agreements, or both, in place for continuity of educational initiatives. Additionally, Type 3 programs may offer certifications in numerous areas, including culinary arts, carpentry, welding, building technology, automotive technology, building ground maintenance, and information technology.

The following chart lists the school districts responsible for educational programming at the Juvenile Justice Programs with the geographic location of the program, if different from the county school district, identified in parenthesis. 

School District Number/Type Program/Facility/Geographic Location Test Site


10602 --T2
19029 --T1
10603 --T2
10604 --T2

Alachua Academy
Alachua Juvenile Detention Center
AMIkids - Gainesville
PACE Center for Girls

Bay 30602 -- T1
30604 -- T2
Bay Regional Juvenile Detention Center
AMIkids Panama City Marine Institute

51025 --T1
51027 --T2
51002-- T2
51020-- T1

Brevard Reg. Juvenile Detention Center
Melbourne Center for Personal Growth
Brevard Group Treatment Center
Hurricane Island Outward Bound-Scottsmorr


66011 -- T1
66051 -- T2
66091 -- T2
66016 -- T2
66017 -- T2

Broward Reg. Juvenile Detention Center
AMIkids Greater Fort Lauderdale
PACE Center for Girls
Pompano Youth Treatment Center
Broward Youth Treatment Center


GED                        GED

Citrus 98001 -- T3 Cypress Creek Juvenile Offender Correctional Center GED

100112--T2 100113--T2 

PACE Center for Girls
AMIkids Clay 

Collier 119013 -- T1
119017 -- T2
Collier Regional Juvenile Detention Center
PACE Center for Girls
DeSoto 140191 -- T2 Spring Lake Youth Academy  

160411 -- T2
160491 -- T1
160431 -- T2
160811 -- T2
161851 -- T2

Duval Academy
Duval Regional Juvenile Detention Center
Jacksonville Youth Academy
PACE Center for Girls
AMIkids Jacksonville

Escambia 170916 -- T1
170961 -- T2
172034 -- T2
Escambia Reg. Juvenile Detention Center
Escambia Boy’s Base
PACE Center for Girls
Hernando 527121 -- T2 Challenge Juvenile Residential Facility  GED

295042 -- T3
295044 -- T1
295048 -- T2
295052 -- T2
295054 -- T2
295062 -- T2
295056 -- T2
295071 -- T2

Hillsborough Girls Academy
Hillsborough RJDC - West
Les Peters Academy
Youth Environmental Services (YES)
PACE Center for Girls
Columbus Juvenile Residential Facility
Tampa Residential Facility
Lake Academy




Jackson 329020 --T3 DOVE Academy GED

360653 -- T1
360666 -- T2
360661 -- T1
360663 -- T2

PACE Center for Girls
Price Halfway House/Ft. Myers Youth Academy
SW FL Regional Juvenile Detention Center
AMIkids Southwest Florida

Leon 371502 -- T1
371503 -- T2
371507 -- T2
Leon Regional Juvenile Detention Center
PACE Center for Girls
AMIkids Tallahassee

390051 -- T3

Juvenile Unit for Specialized Treatment


400925 -- T2

JoAnn Bridges Academy


412051 -- T1
412004 -- T2
412063 -- T3
412081 -- T2

Manatee Reg. Juvenile Detention Center
PACE Center for Girls
Palmetto Youth Academy
AMIKids Manatee




429734 -- T2
429721 -- T2
429722 -- T1

PACE Center for Girls
Marion Youth Academy
Marion Regional Juvenile Detention Center

Martin 429073 -- T3 Martin Girls Academy GED

138141 -- T1
137806 -- T2
137805 -- T2
137804 -- T2
137811 -- T2
137812 -- T2

Miami Dade Reg. Juv. Detention Center
Dade Juvenile Residential Facility
AMIkids Miami Dade - North
AMIkids Miami Dade - South
Miami Youth Academy 
PACE Center for Girls 


440294 -- T1
440295 -- T1

Monroe Reg. Juvenile Detention Center
Hurricane Island Outward Bound-Monroe


$69815 -- T2
469812 -- T2
469813 -- T1
469812 -- T3
469811 -- T3
469811 -- T3

AMIkids Emerald Coast
Crestview Sex Offender Program
Okaloosa Reg. Juvenile Detention Center
Okaloosa Youth Academy
Okaloosa Youth Development Center
Okaloosa Borderline Developmental Disability Program




479101 -- T3
             479106 -- T2
478017 -- T2

Okeechobee Juvenile Offender Corrections Center (Tantie)
Okeechobee Girls Academy
Okeechobee Intensive Halfway House



481311 -- T1
480101 -- T2
481691 -- T2
488009 -- T2

Orange Reg. Juvenile Detention Center
AMIkids Orlando
PACE Center for Girls
Orange Youth Academy/Orlando Intensive Youth Academy




Osceola 490859 -- T3 Kissimmee Juvenile Correctional Facility GED
Palm Beach 503010 -- T2
503006 -- T1
503354 -- T2
PACE Center for Girls
Palm Beach Reg. Juv. Detention Center
Palm Beach Juvenile Correctional Facility



Pasco 517081 -- T1
514081 -- T2
515242 -- T2
Pasco Regional Juvenile Detention Center
Central Pasco Girls Academy
PACE Center for Girls




528031 -- T1
528028 -- T2
528033 -- T2
518012 -- T2

Pinellas Reg. Juvenile Detention Center
PACE Center for Girls
AMIkids Pinellas 
Charles Britt Academy
Polk 539224 -- T2
539237 -- T2
539207 -- T2
539225 -- T2
Highlands Youth Academy
Bartow Youth Academy
Polk Halfway House
PACE Center for Girls


Saint Johns

550421 -- T2
                 570442 -- T3

Hastings/Gulf Academy

St. Johns Youth Academy



Saint Lucie

565001 -- T1
565031 -- T2

St. Lucie Reg. Juvenile Detention Center
PACE Center for Girls Treasure Coast
Union 637021 -- T2 Union Juvenile Residential Facility  

648031 -- T2
649801 -- T1
649817 -- T3
649808 -- T2

AMIkids Volusia
Volusia Reg. Juvenile Detention Center
Daytona Juvenile Residential Facility
PACE Center for Girls Volusia-Flagler


Walton 662021 -- T3 Walton Youth Development Center GED

690011 -- T3
690011 -- T3
690011 -- T2

Okeechobee Youth Development Center
Okeechobee Youth Correctional Center
Okeechobee Youth Treatment Center

GED                        GED