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Cost Sharing (ARCHIVE)

Detention Cost Sharing Archive

Senate Bill 1322, passed in the 2016 legislative session, revised the methodology for calculating the share of detention care costs that must be paid by each county that is not a fiscally constrained county and that does not provide its own detention care for juveniles. This page archives detention cost share activities that occurred prior to FY2016-17.


Prior to the passage of Senate Bill 1322, Florida Statute dictated that secure detention costs for pre-committed youth were the responsibility of the youth's county of residence. Each fiscal year the State Legislature determined the amount of money to be paid by the counties to the Department to cover their costs for secure detention. This amount was allocated among the counties based on their percentage of the total utilization of secure detention across the state. Post commitment costs were the responsibility of the Department.

At the beginning of each fiscal year an estimated allocation of funding was calculated and billed to each county based on their prior year's utilization. After the fiscal year was closed, a reconciliation of actual utilization and costs was done to determine the actual amount owed by each county for their share of the utilization. Adjustments were made to each county's account balance based on their actual utilization compared to the estimated utilization and cost figures. Debits and credits were issued as appropriate.

Documents related to each year's allocations are provided below sorted by fiscal year. Any questions regarding the information provided here can be directed to the Department’s Chief of Finance and Accounting.

Detention Cost Sharing Documents