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Manage Services

Manage Services

Manage Services Slide 2Perform routine administrative work required to effectively oversee provider contract compliance.

Manage Services includes the administrative work required to effectively manage contracts resulting from the Procurement Process. The purpose of the Manage Service Entities process is to provide contractual and service-related oversight to DJJ service providers. Activities include (but are not limited to): supporting the startup of new programs; transitioning programs from one vendor to another; closure of existing programs; ensuring the proper submission and payment of invoices; coordinating activities involved with addressing deficiencies in meeting contractual requirements.

Why do we need Manage Service as a shared service?

DJJ contract managers handle a variety of contracts related tasks. Some tasks, like paying invoices, are transactional, while others are highly complex and require special expert knowledge.  Currently, some of the Department’s contract management activities occur in the different program areas. In examining program areas and their operations, it becomes apparent that some contract managers’ responsibilities are very similar across program areas: therefore, there is an opportunity to consolidate some of the contract related tasks into a shared service organization.

Having the more routine administrative work performed in a shared service will offer a variety of benefits to the Department:

  • Higher efficiency of team members due to clear-cut responsibilities and higher expertise.
  • Better service to program areas resulting from knowledge sharing among contract managers.
  • Better service to providers resulting from consistent contract management.
With shared services for providers across all our program areas, providers will be able to better serve the youth in our care! 

How are we going to achieve these benefits?

Currently, the Manage Services work group is mapping all the activities potentially falling into the Manage Service bucket. To do so, the work group is using a variety of sources: on one hand, the department has a handful of reports and documents created by previous workgroups, already identifying some of the Manage Services tasks. On the other hand, the group is working with program area representatives to get an accurate overview of how things are currently working.

Our Program Area Work Group Members:

After the process and activity mapping, the group is going to look at the Governance Model. This basically means to look at what kind of meetings and reporting structures are needed to have in place in order for contract management to work as a shared service. 

In the very last phase before piloting, the workgroup will then – after having completed all the designing, creating, and structuring – have to think about the organizational implications. The group is expected to tackle organizational considerations in the first months of 2014.

We are aware that initiatives like this generate a lot of questions. We welcome any question, comments, or concerns and will happily provide answers if we can. Please feel free to reach out to Beth Davis (beth.davis@djj.state.fl.us), the Manage Services work stream lead or your program area representative.