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Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP)

An essential component of the JJSIP is the implementation of the Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP). The SPEP evaluates how closely delinquency interventions, as provided, align with the features of the most effective evaluated programs in the field, including homegrown ones with high quality evaluations and very positive reductions in recidivism. Thus the SPEP is an evaluation tool that identifies shortcomings in current juvenile programs, and provides guidelines for improvement in order to optimize intervention effectiveness and positive outcomes statewide. The SPEP evaluates services in the following categories:

  • Service Type (e.g., cognitive behavioral; group counseling)
  • Service Quantity/Dosage (Duration and intensity of contact hours)
  • Service Quality (e.g., written protocols/manuals; training; fidelity monitoring; corrective action)
  • Juvenile Characteristics (e.g., risk to re-offend; level of youth served)


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