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Detention Risk Assessment Instrument

DRAI Update Information

The current DRAI was originally created more than 25 years ago and had not been updated since its inception. It was developed without the benefit of the latest statistical analysis techniques and risk-prediction methods that are increasingly common in juvenile and adult criminal justice settings. This created an urgency to assemble the statutorily required DRAI committee to assist in the decision to validate, design, and implement a new DRAI designed to improve public safety through accurate and reliable risk-prediction to ensure we are detaining the right youth in secure detention. Beginning in mid-December, 2017, the DRAI Committee met four times to evaluate and approve and approve the implementation of a new DRAI utilizing comprehensive data and research completed by a national juvenile justice research team.

All of the information on this webpage and the pages linked below pertains to the new DRAI that became effective July 1, 2019.

DRAI Training Webinar

Click on the video embedded below to watch the DRAI training presented via webinar on April 1, 2019.

For information about the DRAI, contact:

Minnora Bishop

DRAI Statewide Coordinator

(850) 717-2709