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Dade Juvenile Residential Facility Comprehensive Mental Health Program
/michell-mccarthy dade-jrf 18500 SW 424th Street FL 33034 (305) 247-6492 (305) 247-1881 johnny.richardson@truecorebehavioral.com 32, Ages 13-18 TrueCore Behavioral Solutions, LLC http://www.truecorebehavioral.com/ Nonsecure /facilities/restrictiveness-levels#nonsecure 11 Florida City Johnny Richardson Interim Facility Administrator

Co-located with the Dade Youth Academy, the Dade Juvenile Residential Facility serves 32 males between the ages of 13 and 18, in a non-secure residential commitment program.  Youth in the program may have been assessed as needing dual-diagnosis treatment services or intensive mental health treatment services in a residential environment.

The program is highly structured, utilizing evidence-based practices to provide secure care, treatment and supervision. Youth receive daily psychotherapeutic services including individual, family, and group counseling; cognitive skills training; and relapse prevention training by qualified mental health and substance abuse professionals under the supervision of a licensed psychologist.

A board certified psychiatrist is on site bi-weekly and available 24-hours a day, seven days a week for emergency consultation.

The anticipated average length of stay depends on the youth's pace of success in completing the individualized treatment plan and goals.

The Dade Juvenile Residential Facility is a Type 2 program offering English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and elective courses. 

Education services are provided by the Miami-Dade County School District.

  • Take the Florida Turnpike south to Florida City/Key West.
  • Continue on US 1 South out of Florida City towards Key West.
  • Proceed on Highway 1 for 4.4 miles.
  • Ease into the turning lane on your right and turn right (East) onto Southwest 424th Street.
  • Continue on 424th Street until the dead end.
  • Facility parking is on the left. 
  • If you follow mile markers, 424th Street is at Mile Marker 122.5.
  • You can see a very tall radio transmission tower on the right side as you are heading South.  This tower sits on the property of the Dade Juvenile Residential Facility.