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Programs & Facilities

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Programs & Facilities. Find contact information, program information and directions to Florida youth residential facilities, detention centers, probation programs and delinquency prevention programs. Read More >

Program & Facility Locator

Use the drop-down boxes or interactive map to find DJJ-funded programs and facilities in your area. All DJJ-funded Prevention, Probation, Residential and Detention programs are searchable through this feature. 

*This feature provides the locations of facilities and programs, not individual youths.

Detention centers are for youth who are detained under specific circumstances set by Florida statute. There are 21 facilities divided into 3 regions throughout the state of Florida. They hold youth that are awaiting court dates or placement in a residential facility.

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Prevention Programs

Prevention programs are designed to  reduce juvenile crime and protect public safety. Prevention programs, administered by local providers throughout the state, target high-risk juveniles and those who exhibit problem behaviors such as ungovernability, truancy, running away from home and other pre-delinquent behaviors.

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Probation Programs

Probation and Community Intervention programs serve youth referred for law violations through assessment and referrals for services based on risk and needs. Interventions may include detention screening, intake, diversion, day treatment, probation, aftercare supervision, and linkage to service providers.

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Residential facilities are for youth who are required by a judge to stay in the care of the Department of Juvenile Justice for an extended time. There are facilities located throughout Florida. A youth's placement depends on the commitment plan, not on the location of the arrest. For help finding your child's facility, contact his or her JPO

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