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Training Tools

Staff Training for PREA

All Florida Department of Juvenile Justice employees must complete training as outlined in FDJJ 1520, Employee Training and Florida Administrative Code Rule 63-H, Staff Training. This curriculum includes training on the agency’s zero-tolerance of sexual misconduct outlined in this policy.

Each employee is required to take refresher training every two (2) years. The Department will document, through employee signature or electronic verification that employees understand the training they have received through the PREA course (FDJJ 110) available on the Department's Learning Management System.   

Specialized Training Medical and Mental Health

All full and part-time medical and mental health care practitioners who work in Residential or Detention facilities, whether employed by DJJ, contracted by DJJ, or contracted by DJJ providers, will be expected to complete either the PREA medical mental health training available on the Department’s Learning Management System or a suitable training that has been previously approved by the PREA Resource Center. 

Volunteer and Contractor Training

All volunteers and contracted providers in Residential and Detention facilities who have contact with youth must be trained on their responsibilities under the Department’s sexual misconduct prevention, detection, and response policy and procedures.

Volunteers and contractors who perform services on a continuous basis or at regular intervals, or who volunteers 10 hours or more each month, must complete the PREA training prescribed for all full-time employees. The course is available on the Department’s Learning Management System (Course FDJJ 110).

Volunteers and contractors who perform services or interact with youth for less than 10 hours a month and/or accompanied by a staff member who is always present and has the volunteer or contractor in his/her line of sight, will not be required to take the Course FDJJ 110, but shall read the FDJJ Course for Volunteers and sign the PREA Acknowledgement to document their understanding of the training.  The FDJJ course for Volunteers and Contractors can be found by clicking this link FDJJ Course for Volunteers and Contractors  

Youth Training about PREA

Not only do all employees and volunteers have the requirement to take and successfully complete the PREA course, so too must all youths who are served or supervised by the Department be provided with appropriate training about the Prison Rape Elimination Act and their rights.  The following materials and resources are provided to assist the DJJ trainer or contracted provider's trainer in the provision of PREA education for young people.

Visit the American University Washington College of Law website for an audio-visual facilitator's guide to teaching the curriculum titled END SILENCE: Youth Speaking Up about Sexual Abuse in Custody.  

Materials for Instruction
Youth Training Booklets

In order to successfully print the following materials, it is recommended that the provider have each booklet printed commercially.  Each of the booklets is camera-ready and must be printed booklet style, double sided and perfect bound. Click HERE for a document is provided to assist the program in obtaining quotes and ordering booklets to be printed.