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Community Assessment Tool


The risk assessment process is the cornerstone of our efforts to implement evidence-based services and interventions throughout the juvenile justice system in Florida. The Community Assessment Tool Pre-Screen and Full Assessment were developed to assist Juvenile Probation Officers and contracted case managers in determining a youth’s level of risk to re-offend, identifying areas of highest criminogenic need, developing a meaningful intervention plan, and monitoring progress in reducing risk factors. The underlying philosophy is that the risk assessment enables Juvenile Probations Officers to reduce recidivism by promoting positive changes in attitudes and behaviors of youth while directing treatment and monitoring court-ordered sanctions. The CAT provides Department staff with data necessary to make informed decisions about which youth need which interventions and to what extent.

YES Plan

The Youth-Empowered Success (YES) Plan was developed to assist Juvenile Probation Officers and contracted case managers in utilizing the information gathered through the CAT assessment to establish meaningful goals and actions in collaboration with the youth and family. The purpose of the Intervention Plan Initiative is to significantly improve supervision services by implementing youth-specific intervention plans that focus on motivation for change, parental and community support networks, and evidence-based practices as tools to reduce criminogenic needs.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the Community Assessment Tool or YES Plan (case plan tool): 

Amy Greenwald

Statewide Assessment Coordinator

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
Office of Program Accountability

2737 Centerview Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3100

(850) 717-2554