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Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma Informed Care is an initiative that will create a paradigm shift in the Department of Juvenile Justice. The goal is to provide assessments and treatments in a way that promotes healing, both physically and emotionally. DJJ employees avoid using phrases such as “offender,” “delinquent,” or “prisoner,” and instead call the kids “youth.” Similarly, they don’t ask what is wrong with a youth, but rather they ask what has happened to the youth. Florida has been nationally recognized as one of the states that is working hard to improve interactions with youth.


The Positive Achievement Change Tool (PACT) Assessment and Case Management System is a comprehensive process that outlines the most effective way to work with youth throughout their time with the Department of Juvenile Justice.

This system facilitates communication among areas of the DJJ which allows workers to provide consistent, effective care for youth from the time they are adjudicated to the time they enter aftercare. 

Florida Civil Citation

The Civil Citations initiative is for non-violent youth who admit to committing a first-time misdemeanor. In lieu of arrest, the youth will be required to perform community services and, if necessary, participate in intervention services. This program allows youth to avoid a criminal record as long as they meet the citation requirements; it also lowers a youth’s likelihood to have a repeat offense. It can also help improve the community and eventually cut down on state expenditure.