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Access Agreements & Policies


This page contains the polices and user agreements that are required in order to obtain access to VPN, JJIS, and/or FSFN. The documents are in PDF format.

FDJJ - 1205.60 Access Policy | FDJJ - 1205.60 Access Procedures

Policy and procedures governing provider access to the Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS) and JJIS Data.

Access to JJIS & Associated Systems

This document outlines the process which a user must follow for access to JJIS and associated systems.

Provider Access User Agreement | JJIS Access Procedure for Providers

The Provider Access Agreement Form is the form that needs to be submitted to the DJJ Contract Manager in order for VPN and JJIS access to be provided. Information is provided on the process provider staff must follow to gain or modify access.

JJIS Permissions Request Form | Profile Policy Implementation Memo

This form is to be submitted by DJJ staff and Providers to inform the Data Integrity Officer of the type and level of permissions that are needed for JJIS. When completing the form, click on or hover over the item to display instructions for that item. Select the position title or role that most closely matches the duties performed. All permissions are issued based on profiles created by the DIO team. These profiles are designed as a base set of permissions applicable to any staff holding that role, and can be modified to include additional permissions as required by specific job duties.

For Provider staff, this form must be routed through the DJJ Contract Manager assigned to the contract. Submit a new permission request form each time there is a change of permissions or when additional permissions are being requested.

DJJ staff must complete and submit a new permission request form each time there is a change of permissions or when additional permissions are being requested. When DJJ staff is transferring to a new position but keeping same permission set, only a DIO work order is required for documentation of the request.

  • Users will be issued JJIS permissions following training.
  • JPOs and JDOs must complete their respective academy for full permissions.
  • RSMS and SVS training are completed with a DIO or via Power Point presentation.
  • PAT, CAT and RAY training are separate modules, each require Motivational Interviewing. NO data entry permissions will be given until documentation is received that training was completed successfully.
  • CCC basic training by the DIO is a prerequisite to required training for data entry. Staff conducting program reviews and management reviews are required to the Program Review/Management Review course offered by the Office of Inspector General. When submitting a request for CCC permissions without having been trained, mark the CCC box but leave the date and permission narrative blank. When submitting a request for CCC permissions after OIG training, enter the training date and leave the permission narrative blank. Permissions will be issued as authorized by the IOC Director based on the requesting staff’s role. The IOC Director or designee must sign-off on all CCC permissions with the exception of view only roles.


FSFN User Agreement Form and Policy

Please note, effective 7/1/2019, DCF will not accept handwritten FSFN Security Access Forms. This form is a fillable form that must be completed in Adobe, printed and signed. Electronic signatures are not accepted.

FSFN User Agreement Policy

Data sharing agreement between DCF and DJJ. This agreement includes FSFN access and policy.

FSFN Security and Access Request | Security Agreement Form

For access to Florida Safe Family Network (FSFN):

DJJ and Provider Probation staff complete the security and access request form as well as the security agreement form and submit the completed forms to the appropriate Circuit Probation Chief or their Designee.

All other Branches submit the completed forms to DIO Supervising Coordinator.

The Circuit Probation Chief or their Designee and the DIO Supervising Coordinator will in turn submit the requests to the regional DCF liaison.

EBS Module Facilitator Form

Staff requesting to be added as a facilitator to the Evidence Based Services module must complete this form and submit to their local DIO.