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Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Applauds PACE Center for Girls on $3.5 Million Grant Award


July 24, 2013


Meghan Speakes Collins


(850) 544-5387


Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Applauds PACE Center for Girls on $3.5 Million Grant Award

PACE Center for Girls selected in a national competition to help more girls achieve greater success


The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice commends Florida’s Pace Center for Girls for being selected by Edna McConnell Clark Foundation (EMCF) for a three-year investment of $3.5 million, consisting of funding from EMCF and the federal Social Innovation Fund (SIF).  The statewide PACE Center for Girls organization was chosen in an open, national competition that drew nearly 200 applications from leading nonprofits across the country.

DJJ Secretary Walters said, “I have long appreciated the opportunity to work directly with PACE and I have heard harrowing stories from young ladies who turned their lives around, thanks to their involvement with PACE . We know education is a key protective factor in keeping at-risk youth from entering the criminal justice system, and PACE takes its work a step further by providing counseling, training and advocacy in addition to traditional education opportunities. DJJ values PACE Center for Girls’ contribution to Florida being recognized as a national model for juvenile justice reform, and I am thrilled more Florida girls will get to benefit from PACE.”

PACE Center for Girls will utilize this investment to provide more services to more girls in Florida and conduct a rigorous study of the PACE model’s effectiveness and cost benefit over a long period of time. With this study, PACE will be the only gender responsive program in the country with proven results.

For more information on PACE Center for Girls, please visit www.pacecenter.org. For more information on how DJJ is working to reduce juvenile delinquency and transforming Florida into a national model for juvenile justice, please visit www.djj.state.fl.us/roadmap-to-system-excellence.