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Critical Rulemaking Authority Bill Passes Legislature

DJJ priority legislation heads to the Governor

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Tallahassee -- The Florida Legislature has passed the Department of Juvenile Justice's (DJJ) critical Rulemaking Authority Bill (SB 1012/HB 813) by Sen. Dennis Jones (R-Seminole) and Rep. Luis R. Garcia, Jr. (D-Miami). This legislation authorizes DJJ to begin the rulemaking process for critical services to youth in the juvenile justice system.

"I thank Senator Jones and Rep. Garcia for pursuing this vital legislation," said DJJ Secretary Frank Peterman, Jr. "This helps our ability to provide consistency and effectiveness in the quality of service to the youth in our care."

If enacted into law, the legislation will require DJJ to work with the Department of Children and Families and the Agency for Persons with Disabilities to create rules for ordinary medical care, substance abuse treatment services, mental health treatment services and developmental disability services. It will define "ordinary medical care" to mean routine medical procedures that do not require hospitalization, surgery or the use of general anesthesia. This includes medical services such as inoculations, physical examinations and remedial treatment for chronic disease management.

"We support and appreciate the Department's efforts to ensure it has the necessary authority to promulgate rules," said Cathy Craig-Myers, Executive Director of the Florida Juvenile Justice Association, which represents 35 organizations and private providers within the continuum of juvenile justice services.

The Juvenile Justice Rulemaking Bill now heads to the Governor for action.

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