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DJJ Wins Award of Distinction for Loss Prevention

Advisory Council on Loss Prevention recognizes Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

For immediate release:


Tallahassee -- For the first time in its history, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) has been awarded the 2008 Interagency Advisory Council on Loss Prevention’s Award of Distinction for Loss Prevention. The award is being given in recognition of DJJ’s excellent safety program as reported to Risk Management in its annual survey of all state agencies in February.

"The safety of our employees and the children in our programs is of utmost importance. It is a team effort and this award recognizes our commitment to insuring that DJJ and the youth we serve are safe," said Secretary Frank Peterman, Jr. "I want to extend a special thanks to the employees in our Detention and Residential programs who have worked extra hard to reduce risks to children as well as workers’ compensation claims in their areas."

In the reporting quarter ending March 31, 2009, the Department’s first report of injuries and illness are down 20% over the previous quarter and detainee related incidents, traditionally producing the highest claims for the Department, are down 32% for that same quarter.

Secretary Peterman kicked off a Department Safety Campaign in November 2008 and since that time the DJJ team and its safety workgroup have made great strides to improve safety conditions within its offices and facilities. "Best Practices" were established to develop a results-oriented approach to risk management to help employees better understand, manage and communicate risk and the related choices. Some specific improvements include a Job Safety Analysis to define safe methods to perform employee job tasks, emphasis on the Department’s Alternate Duty Program to reduce lost work time, OSHA safety training provided at all DJJ facilities and regularly scheduled conference call meetings with facility superintendents and managers throughout the State to discuss and improve workplace safety.

"The key to a successful risk management program is getting all employees to take responsibility for their safety," said Beth Davis, DJJ Risk Manager. "Our safety workgroup members have been champions for the Department in its efforts to promote a culture where each person becomes a risk manager themselves."

The Award of Distinction for Loss Prevention will be presented to DJJ on May 13, during the Interagency Advisory Council meeting at the Hermitage Centre, 1801 Hermitage Blvd., Tallahassee.

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