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Secretary's Message

November 22, 2011

Wansley Walters

Dear DJJ Employees:

With Thanksgiving here, let’s remember that we have so much to be grateful for. We live in a wonderful state and nation and enjoy freedoms and benefits envied by people around the world. It’s easy to look past our blessings to our problems, many of which are temporary and pass quickly.

One person can make a difference, as proven by Superintendent Frank Gargett at the Manatee Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Bradenton. For the fourth year in a row, he has supported the Annual Pride Park Turkey Project. On Monday afternoon he and other civic leaders handed out 475 frozen turkeys to needy families. Click here to read news coverage of this event.

In addition to his duties as superintendent, he serves as the DJJ gang coordinator for his region and he is the regional vice chairperson for the Rehabilitation/Re-entry Committee for the Attorney General’s Gang Reduction Taskforce. He has also led the implementation of the DJJ Gang-Free Graffiti Abatement Program. His ability to coordinate with law enforcement, community partners, members of the faith-based community and the public has helped make the program a success.

Superintendent Gargett manages to support these projects while simultaneously managing a state-operated juvenile detention center, demonstrating his above-and-beyond commitment to the youth and welfare of his community. On behalf of all of us at DJJ, thank you for your generosity and community spirit.

To all DJJ staff, I hope you will accept my profound thanks for all you do to keep our children and communities safe. Wherever you will spend Thanksgiving, may you do so with good cheer and a grateful heart.


Wansley Walters

PS: Superintendent Gargett is just one example of the type of caring, committed employees we have throughout the state. There are many more like him. If you know of someone who deserves recognition, please contact Communications Director C. J. Drake at cj.drake@djj.state.fl.us or at 850.921.5905. Thank you for your cooperation.