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School Threats

School Threats Awareness Campaign:

The #ItsNoJoke awareness campaign is aimed at addressing school threats made by students in Florida, as these threats can result in felony charges. The campaign further seeks to educate youth and parents that threats of violence include statements made anywhere online. Making threats, even if it is in jest, can have serious consequences. Youth, parents, and teachers are also encouraged to report any and all threats they see or hear. They can notify law enforcement or report a threat anonymously through Florida’s FortifyFL App



Resource Guide

Download the Resource Guide to School Threats for information on school threats laws, responsible social media use, and tips for how to talk to youth about these important topics.

Social Media Kit

Download the School Threats Social Media Kit to share the #ItsNoJoke campaign on social media.

Press Release

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Kicks Off School Threats Awareness Campaign

Printable Materials

Click below to download print sized graphics.

FortifyFL App

Visit the FortifyFL page to download the suspicious activity reporting app.