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  • How long do juveniles stay in detention?
  • How many detention centers are in the state of Florida?
  • Are males and females detained in the same centers?
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  • Will my child go to school while he is in a DJJ program?
  • Do youth in juvenile justice programs receive credit while in school?
  • Who keeps track of my child’s school records?
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  • When was the Office of Health Services established?
  • What are the role and responsibilities of the Office of Health Services?
  • Will my child receive medical services while in a DJJ detention or residential facility?
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  • What is the purpose of the Central Communications Center (CCC)?
  • What is the CCC Hotline telephone number?
  • What type of incidents can be reported to the CCC?
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  • Why is Prevention a vital part of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice?
  • What is the Office of Prevention and Victim Services?
  • How is the Office of Prevention Services structured?
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  • What is Juvenile Probation?
  • How is a youth referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice?
  • My child was taken into custody (arrested) by law enforcement. What happens now?
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  • What is juvenile justice commitment?
  • What are Florida’s commitment levels?
  • Whom do I contact to find out when my child will go to a residential program?
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  • Where can I find the latest data and research from the Department?
  • What annual research reports are available from the Department?
  • Who do I contact for access to JJIS or JJIS-related training?
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