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State of Florida Benefits

DJJ employees are eligible for State of Florida benefits.

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Department of Juvenile Justice employees may choose from several health plan options on a pre-tax basis.  These plans provide enrollees access to a variety of services such as physician care, inpatient hospitalization, outpatient services, and prescription drugs. The PPO Plan options offer world-wide coverage, while HMO options are available only to employees that live or work in a participating HMO service area.  Select Exempt Service (SES), Senior Management Service (SMS) employees, and certain other classes of state employees receive health insurance coverage at a reduced premium.


All full-time employees are eligible to receive a free $25,000 Basic Life Insurance policy, underwritten by Minnesota Life Insurance Company. Part-time employees will receive the same benefit, but pay a monthly premium that is prorated based on their full-time equivalency (FTE).  Enrollment into the Basic Life insurance plan is automatic for all full-time employees.  Part-time employees must enroll through the People First system.  If you do not want this coverage, you can waive it during either your first 60 days of employment, the annual open enrollment period or with an appropriate Qualifying Status Change event (QSC.) If you are enrolled in the Basic Life insurance plan, you can purchase additional term life insurance, which is an employee-pay-all, post-tax benefit. You may apply for up to seven times your annual salary in optional coverage. The maximum limit is $1 million.  Death claims will be awarded to the beneficiary of record.

Optional Insurance and Benefit Plans

Eligible employees are afforded the opportunity to participate in a number of optional Supplemental Insurance plans and to have the premium payments for these plans deducted from their paycheck. The State does not contribute any portion of the premium for these plans. Employees may enroll in one or more of the following Supplemental Insurance plans: Life, Accident, Disability, Cancer, Hospital Intensive Care, Hospitalization, and Dental.

Additional benefits/programs offered to Department employees on a payroll deduction basis include: Deferred Compensation plan, Automobile Insurance, Credits Unions, and the Pre-Paid College Tuition Program.

The Department of Management Services, Division of State Group Insurance, provides additional information for employee insurance plans:  MyFlorida.com/MyBenefits.


All new employees (except OPS) automatically become members of the Florida Retirement System (FRS) and are covered by Federal Social Security. The State and employee pay contributions into the FRS fund.  Two options are offered, the pension plan and the investment plan. Employees have (5) months from the date of employment to select an option. Social Security deductions are matched by the State.

For employees enrolling in the FRS Pension plan initially after July 1, 2011, eligibility for retirement is gained by completing at least 8 years of creditable service and attaining age 65 or by completing 33 years of creditable service regardless of age*.  The retirement system also provides for disability retirement for employees under certain conditions. 

*Vesting requirement for employees with FRS service prior to July 1, 2011 is completion of 6 years of service and attaining age 62 or by completing 30 years of service regardless of age. 

Additional information, including forms, is provided by the Department of Management Services, Division of Retirement.


Annual leave may be used for vacation purposes or other time spent away from work. Sick leave may be used for the employee's personal illness, injury, or personal appointment with a doctor, dentist, or other recognized practitioner. Sick leave may also be used for the illness, injury, or well care check-ups of the employee's spouse, children, or parents of the employee or the employee's spouse.

Career Service employees will earn Annual and Sick Leave as follows:

Continuous and Credible Service  Annual Leave Earned Biweekly   Sick Leave Earned Biweekly 
 Up to 5 years 
 4 hours 
 4 hours 
 Five years to 10 years 
 5 hours 
 4 hours 
 Over 10 years 
 6 hours 
 4 hours 

Selected Exempt and Senior Management employees are credited with 176 hours of annual leave and 104 hours of sick leave upon appointment and on each date of their anniversary.


  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
  • Memorial Day 
  • Independence Day 
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day 

Additionally, each full-time and part-time employee is entitled to one personal holiday each fiscal year. Such personal holiday shall be credited to eligible employees on July 1, and must be taken by the close of business on June 30, of each calendar year.

Education/Tuition Waiver

All full-time state of Florida employees are eligible to receive up to (6) credit hours per semester of college credit at any state college or university.  Course selections are not restricted to the employees' full-time job duties.