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Department Hiring Policy

Review the Department's hiring policy.

It is the policy of the Department of Juvenile Justice to employ those applicants best suited for the criminal justice profession, to employ those applicants meeting standards for good moral character established by statute, to employ the best suited individuals in available positions and to avoid employment decisions which could ultimately be costly to this agency. The Department of Juvenile Justice is also committed to ensuring that obtaining relevant background information on an applicant is done in a thorough, professional, objective, accurate, legal and unbiased manner.

In order to accomplish the above-stated objectives, the Department of Juvenile Justice will conduct a background screening on all of its applicants. The components of this background screenings are as follows:

  1. Criminal History Check (Criminal records ordered sealed under Section 943.058, Florida Statutes, are available to a criminal justice agency for purposes of criminal justice employment);
  2. Driver's License Check;
  3. Employment References Check; and
  4. Drug Testing.

It is important to the Department of Juvenile Justice that applicants understand that courtesy, integrity, and thoroughness are qualities of the criminal justice profession in general and this agency in particular. This Department strives to select those individuals whose backgrounds establish them to be persons who observe the rules of proper conduct and who possess those qualities generally considered acceptable to the citizens of the State of Florida for positions of public trust and confidence.